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Cumberbitch Problems.
Anonymous: this blog haven't update for a while, no more love to benedict?

I’m working on getting the 60 Cumberbitch Problems into the queue and moving into a new apartment. The scheduled ones should make an appearance this evening! Apologies, everyone.

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Anonymous: Wow. People are so annoying when it comes to using the term "Cumberbitch" IT'S JUST A WORD. We literally are cumberBITCHES - Simple as. It's not setting feminism back. Fuck that. Guys, don't act like you even care about feminism because if you did you'd be focusing on the MASSIVE sexism issues that are present all over the world and not what a group of fans of some actor call themselves. I mean, JESUS, do you think it's going to change the course of the future or even be remembered in 100yrs?

This just needs to be here.

Thank you, anon.

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